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After a very long wait we "The Starters" Enterprises set out to set up a far-reaching Fat-free food joint in the city of Destiny. So here we are with " Kaloreez " - An outlet of Starters Enterprises.

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Restaurant Menu

we cook our dishes from the freshest ingredients

Sprouts with honey


Associated sprouts with honey

Corn Flakes(Cold/Hot)


Crispy corn flakes served with milk, honey/sugar

Masala Oats


Oats cooked with fresh veggies and spices



Crunchy muesli served with milk, honey/sugar

Spicy sprouts


Assorted sprouts with fresh cut veggies and mild spices



Oats cooked in milk served with honey/sugar

Ragi malt (sweet)


Fine grounded ragi boiledin milk, and served with honey/sugar/jaggery

Ragi pancakes


Finegrounded ragi pancakes served with honey

Oats dosa


Homemade crepe done with oats, rice batter topped with garlic & ginger served with homemade chutney and pickle

Ragi kudumu


Thick homemade cake made of ragi and lentils, topped with fresh veggies served with homemade chutney and pickle

Ragi malt (salt)


Fine grounded ragi, fresh cut veggies boiled in water and served with fresh curd

Baked poha


Rice flakes with fresh veggies, spices are baked & served with curd & pickle.

Boiled Eggs


2 boiledeggs served with cucumber and tomato topped with salt and pepper

Plain Omelet


Plain omelet done with fat free butter

Baked plain omelet


Eggs beaten and baked into a healthy oval shaped omelet

Scrambled eggs


Eggs beaten and fried with salt, pepper and fat free butter

Masala Omelet


Eggs beaten with fresh veggies spices roasted to perfection for an Indian style Omelet

Eggs fillet


fresh veggies tossed in mild sauces, spices and stuffed in egg whites

Bread toast


served with butter/jam or both

French toast


Bread dipped in our special egg batter and pan fried to a golden goodness

Exotic French toast


Fresh cut fruits sandwiched with French fat free topped with honey

Bread Omelet


Simple plan omelet tossed with fat free butter served with bread

Masala bread Omelet


Indian style omelet tossed with fat free butter served with bread

Bread cups


Fresh veggies omelet tossed in mild sauces, spices and stuffed in bread cups

Plain cheese sandwich


For those who want to keep it simple

Green Sandwich (FF/RR)

60/ 75/-

Tasty green chutney sandwiched along with fresh veggies

Veg Delight (FF/RR)

75/ 90/-

Assorted fresh veggies sandwiched with fat free mayo

Chilly Garlic Sandwich


Garlic and chilli roasted in sauces and sandwiched

Sprouts Sandwich (FF/RR)

75/ 90/-

Assorted sprouts tossed in Indian style spices and sandwiched

Rajma Sandwich (FF/RR)

75/ 90/-

Boiled rajma tossed in Indian style spices and sandwiched

Egg Sandwich (FF/RR)

60/ 75/-

Boiled eggs sliced, topped with mayo, mild spices and sandwiched

Poached Egg Sandwich (FF/RR)

75/ 90/-

Eggs poached, tossed in mild spices and sandwiched

Chicken Sandwich (FF/RR)

90/ 105/-

Baked chicken with fresh veggies topped with mild spices and sandwiched

Roasted Chicken Sandwich (FF/RR)

100/ 115/-

Baked chicken in Indian spices topped with fresh veggies and sandwiched

Chicken Sausage Sandwich (FF/RR)

115/ 130/-

Homemade chicken sausages tossed in butter, mild spices topped with fresh veggies and sandwched.

Tuna Sandwich (FF/RR)

125/ 140/-

Tuna fish tossed in fat free butter, seasonings topped with fresh veggies and sandwiched

Fruit Salad (FF/RR)

90/ 110/-

Assorted fresh fruits topped with honey

Beans & Sprouts Salad


Baked beans & sprouts along with fresh veggies, crispy lettuce topped with Indian style dressing

Rajma Salad (FF/RR)


Steamed rajma along with fresh veggies, crispy lettuce topped with Indian style dressing

Fresh Garden Salad (FF/RR)

140/ 160/-

Brocoli, fresh veggies, crispy lettuce topped with one of your favourite dressing

Russian Salad (FF/RR)

120/ 140/-

steamed boiled veggies, steamed potato and crispy lettuce topped with your favourite dressing

Italian Salad (FF/RR)

120/ 140/-

Boiled veggies with pineapple, crispy lettuce blend in Italian seasonings with your favourite dressing

Chicken Salad (FF/RR)

125/ 145/-

Chicken cubes, fresh veggies & crispy lettuce with mild spices and your favourite dressing

Grill chicken salad (FF/RR)

150/ 180/-

Chopped grilled chicken slices, fresh veggies topped with Italian seasonings and your favourite dressing

Honey Glazed Chicken Salad (FF/RR)

170/ 190/-

Lean shredded honey tossed chicken, crispy apples, sweet grapes along with fresh veggies for a tasty tango combo

Baked Salad (Non Veg)


Chicken, along with fresh veggies baked in olive oil and topped with egg white dressing

Chicken caesar salad (FF/RR)

170/ 190/-

Chicken cubes, Garlic tossed bread croutons, crispy apples, fresh veggies with mild spices and caesar dressing

Protein Salad(Veg/Non-Veg)

170/ 200/-

Broccoli, Tofu/chicken, Egg whites with protein veggies tossedin olive oil and topped with your favourite dressing

Mineral water


A brand of drinking water or mineral water

Beverages (Per bottle)


(Thums up/coke/sprite)

Protein smoothie


Whey protein with dry fruits and crunchy nutty muesli

Golden milk


Goodness of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger boiled in milk to give you the best of all worlds

Morning Punch


Luke warm jeera water lemon & honey



Blend of orange, pineapple and a secret spice

Tomato Soup


Tomato puree and spices simmered to reach the full flavour

Oats Soup (Diet soup)


Roasted oats with fine spices and Italian herbs

Ragi Soup (Diet soup)


Fine grounded Ragi soup with fresh veggies

Beans & Sprouts soup(Fibre)


Fresh beans & assorted sprouts blend together for a mild spicy Indian soup

Spinach & sprouts soup (Diet & Protein)


Fresh spinach and assorted sprouts blend together with a garlic flavoured Indian soup

Lemon Coriander Soup (Veg/ chicken)

85/ 100/-

Fresh veggies/ chicken in lemon and coriander flavoured soup

Falafel Wrap (FF/RR)

90/ 105/-

Falafel patty topped with fresh veggies, crispy lettuce and sauces

Spinach corn wrap (FF/RR)

95/ 110/-

Fresh boiled spinach & corn tossed in cream with mild spices

Paneer wrap (FF/RR)

110/ 125/-

Paneer tossed in sauces with fresh veggies

Baked Egg Wrap (FF/RR)

90/ 105/-

Eggs beaten and baked and tossed with sauces

Regular chicken wrap (FF/RR)

105/ 120/-

Baked chicken topped with fresh veggies, sauces and crispy lettuce

Grilled Chicken Wrap (FF/RR)

130/ 145/-

Grill chicken slices topped with sauces and crispy lettuce

Spicy Rajma bites(Diet starter)


Rajma cooked in red gravy with Indian spices and herbs for authentic taste.

Veg Manchuria


vegetable manchurian is an popular indo chinese recipe

Mushroom Manchuria


A popular spicy, sweet and sour indo chinese recipe with mushrooms

Baby corn 65


.Its a great starter recipe for lunch as well as dinner.

Chilly mushroom


Chilli Mushroom which is best in taste with fried rice.

Chilly Paneer


Chilli Paneer is a melt in the mouth starter flavoured with all the ethnic Chinese flavours.

Chilly egg


Chilli Egg is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Side Dish.

Chicken 65


Chicken 65 is a spicy, Desi Chinese dish that has deep-fried chicken

Crispy Chicken


Crispy Recipe chicken is a bite of tender, juicy chicken with a flaky crunch.

Chicken drumsticks


These sticky drumsticks taste delicious but they are so simple and quick to prepare.

Chilly fish


Chilli Fish is one of amma`s specialty Indo-Chinese Recipes.

Fried Prawns


Fried prawn is a deep fried, is a simple yet very luscious dish.

Padthai noodles


Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken & Shrimp is authentic and simple enough for any aspiring Thai cook to make.

Veg soft noodles / schezwan

120/ 140/-

Veg Soft Noodles with excellent taste and quality from Kaloreez

Egg soft noodles / schezwan

140/ 160/-

Egg Noodles is a yummy Chinese recipe made in Indian style.

Green noodles

160/ 180/-

Green noodles is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Main.

Chicken soft noodles/ schezwan

150/ 170/-

Chicken Noodles is simply an amazing Chinese recipe made with chicken and vegetables.

Burnt garlic noodles (Veg/chicken/prawn)

140/ 160/ 180/-

Burnt Garlic Noodles recipe is an easy to make Indo Chinese dish .

Egg biryani


Egg biryani is a delicious and flavorful rice affair, and unlike other biryani preparations

Chicken Dum biryani


Chicken Dum Biryani is cooked with basmati rice and boneless chicken marinated in awesome herbs .

Brown rice dum biryani


Brown Rice Dum Biryani is a healthy biryani option that you can eat at several occasions

Boneless Chicken biryani


Boneless Chicken biryani is really famous in kaloreez.

Steam rice


Steam Rice is a very basic ingredient for many recipes such as, Pulao, Fried Rice.

Jeera rice


Flavored with cumin and lightly spiced with whole garam masala

Green peas pulao


Green Peas Pulao, tasty and easy to make.

Kashmiri pulao


kashmiri pulao is aromatic, mild and sweet.

Veg fried rice/ schezwan

130/ 150/-

Aromatic, flavorful and delicious vegetable fried rice recipe

Corn and sprouts fried rice


Sprouts fried rice or moong bean sprouts fried rice is healthy, filling fried rice ... corn etc.

Veg manchuria wet


Vegetable Manchurian is a delicious Indian Chinese Recipe.

Rajma masala


Rajma cooked in a spicy onion tomato masala till the beans are soft and flavourful.

Baby corn masala


Baby corn masala is a very simple and classic dish that goes well with rice, biryani.

Mushroom masala


Mushroom Masala is a popular Indian side dish made in delicious tomato.

Mushroom Manchuria wet


Mushroom Manchuria wet is a mouth watering dish.

Methi chaman


Methi Chaman is a paneer dish with fenugreek leaves and spinach gravy.

Chicken Manchuria wet


Chicken manchurian gravy recipe is a delicious and popular Indo-Chinese recipe

Egg bhurji


Masala egg bhurji is a spicy egg dish made in Indian style.

Chicken moghalal


Chicken Mughlai is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Curries.

Prawns fry


Prawns fry is one of the best sea food recipe, this delicious prawns fry taken at a restaurant.

Prawns kalimirchi


Kalimirch -Prawns cooked in a black peppercorn flavoured gavy.

Punjabi chicken (bone/ boneless)

150/ 180/-

Punjabi Chicken curry has robust flavors of Onion, Tomatoes and spices cooked in a creamy thick gravy.

Fruit salad


Cool down with a rainbow of ideas for refreshing summertime fruit salad recipes.

Exotic oats


Oats are a great base for both sweet and savory add-ins.

Ragi chocolate brownie


Chocolate Brownie Recipe that your family and kids will love for a snack.

Rice pudding


This dish is delicious alone or topped with fruit, nuts, or cinnamon.

Today's Special

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Bread dipped in our special egg batter and pan fried to a golden goodness.


Tomato puree and spices simmered to reach the full flavour.


Steamed rajma along with fresh veggies, crispy lettuce topped with Indian style dressing.


Loose chilli prawns are crispy and spicy snacks made with batter coated prawn which is deep-fried.

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