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Dr. B.S. Reddy



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Opp Swarna bharathi stadium, RAMA TALKIES ROAD, Vizag - 16



Dr. B.S. Reddy the illusionist is a self made man who was brought up from a family of no magicians and has been making a name for himself all over the world. To add to more surprises, he is an inherent artist in himself. A child prodigy, who stepped into the world of magic at a young age of little less than 10, says that performing magic was always his first passion. BS Reddy is the receiver of OSCAR OF MAGIC, also called the international merlin award as the most magical Illusionist, 2016. The Oscar of magic aka the Merlin award is the highest in itself and is most honored in the field of magicians. What Oscar if for movies is Merlin for the magicians! The award was presented to him by president of the international magician society, Tonny Hassini along with a life time membership of the society.The Super Star Of Indian Magic BS Reddy who received one of the highest awards i.e. The Guinness World Records in July 2016, goes with an aim to perform every day, to remind the word that there is still wonder left in the world. Bringing his journey right from his child hood school days, his core idea of being a magician is to amuse people and give them a break from the daily grind.

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Stage Magic

A stage Magic performed by Mr. Reddy is a combination of Modern and Classical Magic performed for a large group of audience. There are misconceptions, stage is required for a stage magic show, this ideally.

Corporate Magic

BS Reddy today is the most success magician among the corporates. Reddy`s magic is perfectly suited for your next corporate event. Corporate magic is designed to cater to business meets and various social gatherings.

Close-up Magic

It is generally a very interactive magic even that will be performed for a few people, or even one person, at a time. It is more or less a walk around magic. Performed right in front of you the magic often takes place in the spectator`s hands.

Natural magic

BS Reddy holds the power to perform some natural magic techniques where with his magical powers of physical substances- herbs, stones, resins and metals by making uses of these material reflections.

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Experience :

Asian Magic Convention


Magic Planet

Magic is mystery fine-tuned into an art form. Portals to that world of mystery and charm will open in the capital city when Magic Planet, a novel experiment in magical theme park

Education :

Universita Milano





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Really super star of Indian magic


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Loved the magic, a real laugh. I'll keep the playing card


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